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June 17, 2021
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General Dec 07, 2011
Supervisors in our Union ??
by Richard P. McCann, J.D.
Senate Bill 98 - Our Supervisors are Still Permitted to be in Unions

There has been a bit of controversy surrounding Senate Bill 98 -- an attempt by some of our "unfriendly" Legislators to rip supervisors (which would include Sergeants, Lieutenants and similar positions) out of their Unions and prohibit them from colletively bargaining in the future.

However, despite what will surely be attempts by some uneducated command staff and Human Resources people to persuade you to the contrary, the fact remains that now, more than ever, these "supervisory" employees remain safely within their collective bargaining units -- and that's where they will stay!

Current NRS 288.075(1)(a), which already defines "supervisory employee" in a way that does not affect the supervisory groups that NAPSO represents, has not been changed. The amended language of SB-98 adds a subsection, which further defines a supervisory employee to include those who are "appointed" by the employer and have authority to do several things such as hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, terminate, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline an employee, or responsibility to direct them, adjust their grievances or to recommend such action. Plus, they have to make budgetary decisions and be consulted on decisions relating to collective bargaining for the employer. Moreover, these responsibilities must occupy a significant portion of the person's workday, for them to be considered a supervisory employee and thus prohibited from collectively bargaining.

As a result of SB-98, current NRS 288.140 will be amended to include subsections 4 and 5, which state that supervisory employees that are precluded from union membership include "appointed officials" and "department heads" who are primarily responsible for formulating and administering management, policy and programs. It will also now include physicians and attorneys who are employed by a local government employer.

Finally, as a result of SB-98, NRS 288.150(2) will be amended to add subsection "w," stating that new collective bargaining agreements which exceed 1 year in duration, must include language concerning re-opening the contract if certain financial hardships are demonstrated by the employer.

So, after examining this new legislation (which, as of this writing still hasn't been signed by the Governor), do you think any of you supervisors who are currently in barginaing units, meet the definition of a "supervisory" employee, such that you can no longer be in a bargaining unit?

For NAPSO's members, there shouldn't be any worries. But you can expect that some employers will test these new waters. Rest assured, NAPSO will be there to fight them every step of the way!

Click the following link to read Senate Bill 98:

Download: SB 98.Final.pdf


A Message from the Executive Director
NAPSO's Office Will Remain Open

During these emergency times involving the COVID-19 virus, the NAPSO main office will remain open under the Governor’s Order No. 003, Section 8, which states that non-enumerated businesses may remain open if they do not open to the general public and if they implement social distancing safeguards.  We consider the NAPSO operation as providing vital supportive services to our public safety members who are essential to the health, welfare and safety of our communities. 

Therefore, while the NAPSO office is open and until further notice, the outside doors shall remain locked to the public. Access can be achieved with a key, the door codes or by having someone in the building allowing entry.  Believe it or not, we do experience a small volume of the public who walk in the front doors when they are unlocked during the business day and that must be eliminated.  Remember there is a door bell at the front door.  

I am recommending that all functions that are scheduled in the building by outside interests (parties, gatherings, meetings of more than 10 people) be canceled or postponed.  

I believe these practices will be in accordance with the Governor’s Directive and that we are mandated to follow them.  

Please stay healthy and safe.

Click here for video from Executive Director Rick McCann explaining NAPSO's statewide coverage:



2019 Legislative Session

NAPSO Executive Director Rick McCann prepares weekly updates regarding the events of the 2019 legislative session.

Click here for Newsletter #21 -- June 4, 2019

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