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April 21, 2019
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Elections are Over !! Now What ?? Did we Win ??
Updated On: Nov 12, 2018


Well, it's finally over -- the election season, that is !!

I want you all to know that the Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition, of which NAPSO is one of the founders and a leader, endorsed a total of 52 candidates who appeared on the general election ballot this past Tuesday.  Of those 52 candidates (Democrats and Republicans), 46 of them won their races.  That's a success rate of 88% !!  NAPSO also supported and won the all important "No on 3" energy campaign by a 3 to 1 margin.  

Now the hard work begins as we continue to write Bill Draft Requests (BDR's) to offer new laws and amend or eliminate old laws.  We will continue to lobby our legislators to support working families (including law enforcement families) across the state.  In Nevada, we will have a Democratic controlled Assembly, a Democratic controlled Senate and a Democratic Governor.

Okay, for you Democrats, stop your cheering !  For you Republicans, stop your bitching !  We're in this together.  The time for divisive attitudes and fighting amongst the R's and D's needs to end.  One thing is for sure . . . . . confidence is high that our PERS will not be changed, our current collective bargaining rights will not be affected (if anything, we will restore some things we lost under the prior administration), and state employees may soon reap the benefits of collective bargaining and increased wages.

Whether you like the winning candidates, support their positions, or are part of the opposite party, it really doesn't matter.  Through NAPSO/CWA, you are all part of a machine that is gaining strength and power in this state.  Every year we takes huge strides forward to solidify law enforcement's influence on the legislative process.  Our relationships with our big brothers and sisters from CWA and the AFL-CIO make us a force to be reckoned with.  Law enforcement is finally speaking with one voice in Nevada and the legislators (including the Governor's office) are taking notice.

We're excited about the opportunities that await us next year in the 2019 legislature.  But make no mistake, we likely can't get everything at one time and when money is involved, the state can't afford to give us everything.  Nevertheless, you can trust that NAPSO, our parent union CWA, the Law Enforcement Coalition, the state AFL-CIO, and all of our partners in the other unions throughout Nevada, are poised to improve your lives and the lives of your families with the work we hope to accomplish in the next session.  

Start looking for the weekly legislative updates that we will be sending from Carson City as the session gets underway in February.  You received them last session and we're told they were well received and continued to inform our members of our efforts. 

Finally, we want to thank those of you who voted; those who helped get out the vote in your families, with your friends and in your communities; and those who walked neighborhoods, knocked on doors and hung signs for their favorite candidates.  Voter participation set records in Nevada and across the nation.  As the saying goes, "When we vote, we win !!"  We will look to you, our members, again during the legislative session to make your voices heard on the issues that we support on your behalf.

Be safe,

Richard P. McCann, J.D.
Executive Director

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