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December 07, 2021
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Each year, NAPSO/CWA Local 9110 gains more political strength to effectively lobby on behalf of our growing membership throughout the state.  In 2015, after enduring one of the worst legislative sessions for labor that this state has ever seen, and after watching as our union colleagues in the law enforcement commuity were ineffective in handling some of the key legislative issues that targeted their members and ours, NAPSO was at the forefront of creating a statewide law enforcement coalition to finally speak with one voice at the Nevada legislature and throughout the cities and counties of our great state.  We are now a leader of the Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition and we bring together many of the major law enforcement Associations in Nevada (** See below for a list of our Coalition partners).

Partisan and non-partisan candidates will seek our endorsements now and in the coming years.  NAPSO's power extends not just to Carson City, but to our U.S. Congress as well.  NAPSO's leadership in the Coalition's endorsement process has been rewarding and has brought together law enforcement's political lobbyists like never before.  We have discarded mere political party affiliations as the sole means to endorse a candidate.  Rather, we will endeavor to select candidates to receive our endorsements based on the content of their character, their desire to understand the issues that face our members, and their willingness to fight for the rights of the hard working women and men of law enforcement.   

Toward that goal, the following represents NAPSO's and the Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition's endorsements for the 2020 general elections:  

2020 United States Congress

  • Congressional District 3 - Susie Lee

2020 Clark County Commissioner 

  • Commission District A - Michael Naft
  • Commission District B - Marilyn Kirkpatrick
  • Commission District D - William McCurdy II

2020 Judicial Endorsements

  • Nevada Supreme Court, Seat B - Kristina Pickering
  • Nevada Court of Appeals - Bonnie Bulla
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 1 - Bita "Marie" Yeager
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 2 - Richard Scott
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 4 - Phillip Aurbach
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 5 - Terry Coffing
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 6 - Jacqueline Bluth
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 8 - Trevor Atkin
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 15 - Joe Hardy, Jr.
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 17 - Michael Villani
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 18 - John Hunt
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 19 - William Kephart
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 20 - Eric Johnson
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 21 - Jacob Reynolds
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 22 - Susan Johnson
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 23 - Karl Armstrong
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 24 - Daniel Gilliam
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 28 - Ron Israel
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 29 - David Jones
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 31 - Joanna Kishner
  • Clark Co. District Court, Dept. 32 - Rob Bare
  • Clark County Family Court A - William Voy
  • Clark County Family Court E - Charles Hoskins
  • Clark County Family Court G - Rhonda Forsberg
  • Clark County Family Court I - Soonhee "Sunny" Bailey
  • Clark County Family Court J - Scott MacDonald
  • Clark County Family Court M - Lynn Hughes
  • Clark County Family Court S - Vincent Ochoa
  • Clark County Family Court T - Nadin Cutter
  • Clark County Family Court U - William Gonzalez
  • Clark County Family Court V - Margaret Pickard
  • Clark County Family Court W - Stacy Rocheleau
  • Clark County Family Court X - Heidi Elizabeth Almase
  • Clark County Family Court Z - Michele Mercer
  • Justice of the Peace, Las Vegas Township - Shannon Clowers-Sanborn

2020 Statewide Assembly Seats

  • Assembly District 1 - Daniele Monroe-Moreno
  • Assembly District 8 - Jason Frierson
  • Assembly District 9 - Steve Yeager
  • Assembly District 12 - Susie Martinez
  • Assembly District 13 - Tom Roberts
  • Assembly District 14 - Maggie Carlton
  • Assembly District 23 - Glen Leavitt
  • Assembly District 24 - Sarah Peters
  • Assembly District 25 - Jill Tolles
  • Assembly District 29 - Lesley Cohen
  • Assembly District 31 - Richard "Skip" Daly
  • Assembly District 34 - Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
  • Assembly District 37 - Shea Backus
  • Assembly District 39 - Jim Wheeler
  • Assembly District 41 - Sandra Jauregui

2020 Statewide Senate Seats

  • Senate District 3 - Chris Brooks
  • Senate District 5 - Carrie Buck
  • Senate District 6 - Nicole Cannizzaro
  • Senate District 8 - Marilyn Dondero-Loop
  • Senate District 9 - Melanie Scheible
  • Senate District 11 - Dallas Harris
  • Senate District 13 - Julia Ratti
  • Senate District 19 - Pete Goicoechea
  • Senate District 21 - James Orenschall

2020 Mesquite, NV Races

  • Mayor - Al Litman
  • City Council, Seat 5 - Wes Boger

2020 Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition Partners

1.  Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers

2.  Clark Co. Juvenile Justice Probation Officers Association   

3.  Clark Co. Juvenile Justice Supervisors Association

4.  Clark Co. Park Police Association  

5.  Elko Co. Deputy Sheriff's Association

6.  Elko Police Protective Association

7.  Fraternal Order of Police

8.  Henderson Police Officers Association  

9.  Henderson Police Supervisors Association  

10.  Las Vegas Metro Police Protective Association Civilian Employees 

11.  Mesquite Police Officers Association

12.  Mineral Co. Public Safety Dispatchers Association

13.  Mineral Co. Sheriffs Association

14.  Nevada State Law Enforcement Officers Association   

15.  North Las Vegas Police Supervisors Association   

16.  Pershing Co. Law Enforcement Association   

17.  Storey County Sheriff's Office Employees' Association

18.  White Pine Co. Sheriff's Employees Association

19.  Winnemucca Police Officer's Associatio

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Messages from the Executive Director
On June 17, 2021, NAPSO Executive Director Rick McCann appeared on the Podcast known as The Problem Solver with retired New York City and Henderson, Nevada police officer David Kohlmeier to discuss NAPSO, its services to its statewide members, and the recent legislative session during which police reform issues received a lot of NAPSO's attention.

Click here for the video of that appearance:

NAPSO is the only AFL-CIO affiliated group of law enforcement associations in Nevada that provides benefits and services to its statewide members.   

Click here for a video from Executive Director Rick McCann explaining NAPSO's statewide coverage:



2021 Legislative Session

NAPSO Executive Director Rick McCann prepares periodic updates regarding the events of the 2021 legislative session.

Click here for a YouTube link to a summary of important law enforcement bills passed in the 2021 session.

Upcoming Events
NAPSO Board of Directors meeting
Dec 13, 2021
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Dec 25, 2021
Rick McCann's last day as NAPSO Executive Director
Dec 31, 2021
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